For one who has been mostly healthy her whole life, it’s always a shock when I don’t feel up to snuff. I was beset by an intestinal bug this last week and was almost in tears over the sporadic pain, but more so, the fear of feeling sick and not having a solution. Me who preaches multiple disciplines, multiple opinions, and being responsible for your own health and body.

I’m told a very contagious intestinal virus was going around that could likely have been the culprit, a virus that could linger on a surface or be transmitted from an inadvertent touch of something or someone.

But I’m here to say that I did practice what I preach. I called both my MD/internist and made a visit to a homeopathic pharmacy where an in-depth consult offered a number of approaches to the situation. I’m happy to report, the problem has “resolved.” I love these medical terms! They leave you wondering if resolved means they’re gone, you’re cured, or the viruses are taking a nap. We’ll see.

I’m now focused on getting a homeopath onto my speaker’s series as what I learned there was so interesting. Not to mention helpful! Immediately.

Please join me on Wednesday, June 19th at 4pm where I will be speaking Dr. James Bare. Dr. James Bare, Doctor of Chiropractic, is “bar none the most accomplished and most knowledgeable scientist to pursue Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s research on frequency” healing. Register today events.audreygaleauthor.com

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