View from Santa Monica Mountains

Antidote to tough times

I’ve written about the bitter-sweetness of the holidays—what was, what is no more. Yet, life does move on whether we like it or not. My husband and I have moved into an unexpected time of life. Of course we knew we’d age with the passing years. But of course, we had no real understanding of what that really means. But one finds out.

In his case he’s been diagnosed with a serious, degenerative, and hopeless brain disease. It is stealing away the man I knew and married, but the pieces of him that are left, that I can still see from time-to-time, create a contradiction in me. I hate to see him reduced more and more by disability. I’d hate to be him quite frankly, totally dependent. But what waits at the other side of his suffering is equally upsetting. Hard to imagine and impossible to prepare for. 

So…the job of the living is to live. To make the most of everyday we’re given. To give thanks for those times that we’ve lived through and whatever may be awaiting us. And to try to share that appreciation and gratitude with all we come in contact with. But let’s be real. Some days that’s harder to do that than others. 

So here’s what I do when life overwhelms. I hike. Sunshine, fresh air, a glittering ocean, striking views of the metropolis I inhabit. Lucky for me I live at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains, and this photo is part of the vistas I get that remind me that life is precious and ever so beautiful. Beauty there for the taking. Beauty to remind us of our blessings, no matter what else comes our way. Beauty that restores….

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