Dissatisfaction with Healthcare

Is anyone out there satisfied with our medical systems in the United States?

As I’ve been on a podcast, zoom, and interviewing extravaganza since the release of my medical thriller, The Human Trial, in September, I’ve had reason to ask this question repeatedly. And I have yet to have one person say unequivocally ‘Yes!’ And that includes the medical doctors I’ve asked.

We all know the problems. Extremely high costs, rare cures, more commonly life-extensions from days to months to years if lucky, debilitating so-called “side effects,” misery, and unbearable pressures when we or our loved ones are already sick.

I’d like take these issues separately one-by-one as I blog about my book, the first of a medical thriller trilogy. That way I can delve more deeply into each area. I hope you’ll join me on this journey to investigate what is wrong with healthcare in the US. And what we might do individually and collectively about it.

Check my website, audrey@audreygaleauthor.com, for weekly installments as we look into and discuss our broken medical system. Hint: many of its issues are touched upon in my novel, The Human Trial.

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