Taking Back Control

As I have said before, writing a medical thriller not only took me into whole new worlds of information and knowledge, specifically medical pathology and more surprisingly, quantum physics, it has now taken me into a whole new realm of communication. 

I think of myself as a somewhat nerdy introspective type, albeit with a social side that truly enjoys people, ironic humor, and shared fun. So this latest twist—one I did not intentionally write—has been a great surprise.

My endeavors into the scientific worlds have led to a zoom series which we started this year through monthly conversations with medical experts and healers of every ilk. Guest speakers have ranged from intuitive approaches to health and longevity to most recently a Columbia-University-trained MD/Psychiatrist. And each has been fascinating and informative.

The question I ask each of them in our one-hour zoom conversations is “what can each one of us do today that will give us more control over our health?” Many of us have realized that traditional doctors and medications aren’t always the answer. Drugs have permeated the traditional medical system in the US for far too long. In the face of the expense and the focus on symptom abatement, plus the fact we have been losing life-expectancy against all the other wealthy, developed nations on the globe since the 1980s, means it’s time for a wake-up call!

These monthly zoom interviews with practitioners from all backgrounds is our attempt to sound that wake-up call more loudly. Tune in on the third Wednesday evenings of the month (generally) and hear ideas about regaining control over your body and your health. More information about the session and directions to the link are provided on my website, audreygaleauthor.com, as well as on Instagram and other social media under audreygaleauthor.

Time to take back some control over your body and your health.

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