For one who has been mostly healthy her whole life, it’s always a shock when I don’t feel up to snuff. I was beset by an intestinal bug this last week and was almost in tears over the sporadic pain, but more so, the fear of feeling sick and not having a solution. Me who …

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Functional Medicine

Let’s start with the definition I received from the first practitioner of functional medicine I’ve met through my monthly zooms on the subject of wide-ranging approaches to health. Dr.Traci Potterf, PhD, a Medical Anthropologist, defines how she and other practitioners of functional medicine consider health and wellness. They avoid what much of traditional medicine does, …

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Taking Back Control

As I have said before, writing a medical thriller not only took me into whole new worlds of information and knowledge, specifically medical pathology and more surprisingly, quantum physics, it has now taken me into a whole new realm of communication.  I think of myself as a somewhat nerdy introspective type, albeit with a social …

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View from Santa Monica Mountains

Antidote to tough times

I’ve written about the bitter-sweetness of the holidays—what was, what is no more. Yet, life does move on whether we like it or not. My husband and I have moved into an unexpected time of life. Of course we knew we’d age with the passing years. But of course, we had no real understanding of …

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Holidays, a Time of Ambivalence?

Happy Holidays? Despite the excitement of a successful book launch in late September, the holidays are a time of ambivalence. I know I’m not alone on this score by a long shot. Partly it’s built-up expectations. The pictures you see, the sentiments you hear, the pressure to gather ’round a popping fire with smiling family …

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Dissatisfaction with Healthcare

Is anyone out there satisfied with our medical systems in the United States? As I’ve been on a podcast, zoom, and interviewing extravaganza since the release of my medical thriller, The Human Trial, in September, I’ve had reason to ask this question repeatedly. And I have yet to have one person say unequivocally ‘Yes!’ And …

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Ode to Richard Parker

A review of Life of Pi I simply had to write and share Awe.  Amazement.  Jaw-dropping insight.  Soul-jolting inspiration.  Glimpses of God.  This is not hyperbole.  Life of Pi, both movie and novel, brought me to my writer’s knees, humbling me is too kind, humiliating me as a novelist myself, more like it.  But a month since reading …

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